The future is digital, which comes from the past

I picked up this dinosaur last month to help finish up a pretty big archival project from a film produced in the early 90’s. Tracking down a functioning machine to archive a bunch of DA88 tapes was a bit of a bear, so I thought I’d hold onto this thing for a bit in case anyone needs to rescue some of their old grunge bands lost recordings, your answer to the film Clerks or whatever else you might be needing. If it doesn’t get used soon, it’ll be off to eBay, so let me know if you need doing sooner rather then later. 

Rescue Day


I had my annual large console lift day today. This is an Amek Big my buddy picked up in Milwaukee and is heading to southern Illinois. At around 400 pounds, it was by far the lightest studio console i have moved in a bit, and with any luck the last.

Being in Wisconsin, a stop for New Glarus was in order.


All Machines Go

Though the JH16’s time may be limited (depending on wether it finds a new home), it’s fun to be able to bounce PT tracks  over and get them all gooey with transformers and ATR tape. A/B/C comparison sessions should be a blast. 

Holiday vibes. 

It’s -10 degrees ferhenheit outside today, but its cozy in The Rec Room. With the MXP3036 providing some much appreciated extra heat, the fireplace crackiling, and the hundreds of little light bulbs glowing, I am feeling happy and festive.