Gear List


Sony/MCI MXP3036

36 Channel analog console / modded with Normaphone and Jeff Hardy mic pre’s


Pro Tools HD 24 in 24 out

MCI JH24 24 track tape machine

Otari MTR 12 1/4” 2 track or 1/2” 4 track tape machine

Tascam DA38

Sony DAT

Condenser Mics

Peluso 22 251 tube

Audio Technica 4050 x2

AKG 451e x3

AKG C1000

Shure Beta 98

CAD E100

Sony ECM22

Dynamic Mics

AKG D112

Beyerdynamic TGX50

Beyerdynamic M201

Beyerdynamic M101

Sennheiser 441

Sennheiser 602

Sennheiser 609 x2

Shure Beta 56

AKG D770

EV 635

Ribbon Mics

RCA 74b


Dynamic Control

Valley People Dyna-Mite (2 channel version)

Empirical Labs Distressor

Warm Audio W76

Black Lion Seventeen

DBX 160x X4


Time Based Effects

Yamaha SPX990 x2

Lexicon PCM60

Deltalabs Effectron II


JBL 4412

Yamaha NS10

Mackie HR8

Instruments and Amps

Vintage Leedy 4 piece drum kit

Blackface Fender Band Master head and cab

Silverface Fender Bassman 50 w/ Bassman VT cab

Silverface Fender Vibro Champ

Kimball Electric Organ

Many, many pedals