New Addition

I’ve been missing have a Sennheiser 441 available for a number of years now so I went and found myself a pristine 70’s version for sale and nabbed it up. This beauty came with the OG clear locking clip and is an N version, which required the building of a custom cable, but minimal trouble for such a stunner.

Also added in the past couple months were some nice AKG 451’s with the stupendous CK1 capsules. These mics are wonderful for overheads and acoustic guitars, with a very sweet yet forward sound.

More big JBL’s

I met a very nice man who was unfortunately closing his recording studio down after 40 years of business. On the bright side, we bartered a bit and I loaded up my car with some treasures. Do these new monitors make the console look too small?

All Analog. Some Of The Time.

After rescuing a beautiful Otari MTR 10 mix down deck almost a whole year ago, I have finally had a chance to get it up to snuff and ready to work. Mixed some songs from my friend Lauren Heneise to it for a test. Sounds lovely with a nice little sheen on the high end. This also means you can do a project 100% analog at the Rec Room now if you so desire. Neat.