Eric Block is a professional sound engineer living in the woods on the outskirts of Chicago, IL. He has recorded hundreds of records for independent artists and labels covering a wide musical range. For nearly 10 years, he acted as house engineer and manager of Semaphore Recording Studio’s, a longtime favorite of the Chicago independent music scene. With the closing of Semephore, he went on to work as a staff engineer at the legendary Engine Music Studios until they felt the hard pinch of escalating rents as well. These days, Eric enjoys making recordings in his personal studio, dubbed The Rec Room, as well working as a visiting engineer at some great rooms inside and outside of Chicago. From album production, film soundtracks, Voice Overs, and sound design, Eric has had his hand in just about anything you can imagine in the studio. Always sensitive to the unique needs of each project he works on, he would be glad to talk to you about your project.

In addition to studio work, Eric is a seasoned live sound vet and has mixed thousands of bands over the years. Running house sound and doing the occasional tour or multi hundred electric guitar orchestra, there isn’t much that’s going to stump him.